Step4 Cut 2 pieces of fire line approximately 10″

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Guinness World Record This is the way I would describe friend, mentor, all round nice guy and AWESOME Court Reporter, Mark Tod Kislingbury CSR, RMR, CRR. Not only is he a Maestro at the top of his game, but he also set a new Guinness World Record in 2004, at the National Court Reporters Association's national convention. Mark wrote and transcribed a one minute, 360 wpm Question and Answer dictation with 97.22% accuracy! Currently, Mark is training to try to set a new world record in 2013.

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Nothing means more to me than to help the community. It sounds cliche, but as a father of two, helping putting food on the tables of families who are struggling means so much to me. Whitecaps aren the only soccer organization chipping in these days..

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