You got to be in that range, because there not going

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Rudisill claims it is the largest seasonal swimming lesson program of its kind at any college and didn exist at West Chester until he launched it in 1990.Last summer, his camps each of which run about an hour a day on weekdays for two week periods from May through July logged 4,000 registrations. The cost of a camp is $220 per registrant.Rudisill noted the lion share of money raised from his swim camps helps support the university athletic program and funds athletic scholarships. A university official said Rudisill camps last year raised more than $106,000 to fund those scholarships.In addition, Rudisill said the camps give exposure to the campus, which benefits West Chester student recruitment efforts, as well as give parents peace of mind in knowing their children are safer around water as a result of the lessons they learned.Anyone who thinks his 20 percent share of the camps revenues from his sometimes 60 hour workweeks is too much would then have to think the benefits derived from the other 80 percent "have to be to much too," he said.As was the case with Rudisill, compensation figures used to determine rankings in the $100,000 Club can include more than just salary.

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