And that was the thing, in the beginning it was

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We used to cringe when sports broadcasts from here cut away before the commercial to some hackneyed clich like streetcars, saxophone players, or oyster shuckers. But when we see them tonight, we'll raise a fist in defiance. Because those will be live shots, not old file tape.

He also has great admiration for Ferrell's comical timing. "There aren't too many guys out there like Will who are that uniquely funny and talented," he says. "We love to throw as many curveballs as we can at each other, so that was going to work great for these guys taking their one upping game to the nth degree.".

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It's important, though, to stretch only when the muscles have been warmed up. So save flexibility exercises for the end of your aerobic workouts, or do them only after five to 10 minutes of activity vigorous enough to make you break a sweat. Running in place or walking several blocks should do the trick..

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Dawsonville Chase Elliott had his hands full with an ill handling racecar late in the race and pitted during a caution for adjustments, dropping to 21st on the restart. Elliott worked his way back up to 14th by race end to maintain his championship standings lead. Elliott lead is now just three points over race winner Larson.

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