When you are in the habit of saying thank you in

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It's welcome news for theatres like Cinema West, which has been closed since mid March. CEC Theatres Vice President Tony Tillemans is making sure safety protocol is implemented at Cinema West and their sister theatres, and notes that it would be straight forward to space people out, as movie goers typically buy their tickets online, and have assigned seating. (CEC Theatres is the parent company of Cinema West.).

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Shanghai is a huge city with a population of about 22 million at last count. There are many different areas but the first thing you really need to work out is which side of the river you are on. Pudong is the newer side and features the financial district and it is were most of the big companies expats live.

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Jim attended Ascension Grade School, DeLaSalle High School, and graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor's in Political Science and Economics and a Master's degree in Education, including a post graduate program at Harvard. He was an educator, the Teacher Center Director, and Curriculum Specialist for Osseo Area Schools, District 279.

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