We going to have to try to sleep off the latter

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Williamsport's Jada Whaley goes up for a basket during a game in 2019 against Jersey Shore that theMillionaires won in overtime, 63 60. Jersey Shore'sHannahKauffman(20) looks on.Look at most top 10 lists which feature games and one will see mostly playoff contests listed. It makes sense.

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Would be like bringing Tiger Woods to our community, said Dave Sergeant, a local attorney and Iowa Golf Association Hall of Fame member. Having the chance to see some of the better professional golfers in the world up close you standing next to Walter Hagen the year after he won the British Open and right in the middle of his PGA Championship heyday (Hagen won four consecutive titles from 1924 27). The same could be said for Armour, who won the Open in and was here in and Sarazen, who was in the prime of his career..

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