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While the electric pressure switch door handles are clever, they did not work well coated with freezing moisture. Hushed down the road, the Aviator's operating pedals lacked the tactile feedback that some sporting drivers might prefer (after all, there is a driving mode selector) and that console sometimes felt like your favorite dog crowding you on the couch it's just too wide, mimicking the large rear drive floor tunnel underneath. Your smartphone can be your key, the big wagon can park itself, plus a full array of driving assists will help you arrive stress free..

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Winslow Superintendent Peter Thiboutot cited the economic impact of the pandemic in his decision not to pay spring coaches: "Many of our taxpayers have lost their jobs Knowing that, I could not support the notion that we would issue contracts and pay a stipend for a season that didn't occur. Doing so would be fiscally irresponsible." Michael G. Seamans/Morning Sentinel.

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