No fentanyl was allowed, and neither are weapons,

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Hue Jackson was chosen by Al Davis to be the new leader of this team. To hear Jackson tell it, he was grooming him to basically take his place in the event that Al would no longer be here. His passing sent a shockwave not only through the league, but through the team that he controlled every single part of for the past 40 plus years.

"We will start from scratch and try and go forward from there. We have got a few blokes who have been at successful clubs and we want to continue to drive a winning culture." The Warriors have lost the past three grand finals to Nirranda (2016 and 2018) and Kolora Noorat (2017). The club, who have eight Warrnambool and District League flags to their name, has not tasted ultimate success since 1992.

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Gerald McCoy pumps up the Carolina Panthers crowd during a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sept. PT Wednesday.The Jaguars are dumping Foles a little more than a year after giving the 2018 Super Bowl MVP a four year, $88 million contract that included a whopping $50.125 million guaranteed.Foles is due to make $15.125 million in 2020 and would have counted $21.837 million against Jacksonville's salary cap. Dealing him will still be costly for the Jaguars they will take on $18.75 million in dead money this fall but it will free up about $35 million over the next two years.


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