“The moment we do go back it just needs to be a

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"This city has wholesale jerseys from china excitement, music, spice, fashion and Bollywood. It is a spectacle, like basketball. Indians love to celebrate, love a spectacle, great food, music and dance. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeSergio Aguero claimed he spoke for the majority of players when he used words including scared, tense, and careful to describe how he felt about the prospect of being whisked back into training grounds while the majority of the country is still in lockdown.The UK government has emphasised a cautious approach for society, with Boris Johnson announcing no significant changes to social lockdown policy wholesale nfl jerseys in a televised address to the nation on Sunday evening.But the idea of football returning during this time has been described as a boost for collective morale, and the Premier League and its clubs also have financial reasons for wanting the season restarted and completed.Ahead of Monday meeting, Sterling comments show that effort is still needed to convince the players it is safe to return.Read MoreMan City fan group collect 2,000 protective visors made by Merseyside PPE hub"We all want to get back to football but at the same time there a pandemic going on," he said."The moment we do go back it just needs to be a moment where it not just for footballing reasons, it safe for not just us footballers but the whole medical staff, referees. I don know how that going to work but I feel like once that side of the people safety and the player safety is is secured and their wellbeing is looked after then that the right time to go back in. At the same time I looking forward to it and I really want to get back but hopefully it will all be well when we do get back."City forward Sterling also expects a minimum of two weeks will be needed to get back up to the https://www.ouerls.com sharpness he was at when football was paused two months ago.Read MoreSign up for our free Man City email newsletterKevin De Bruyne warned last month about the risk of injuries if play is started too soon without proper time for everyone to work their way back up to speed.Sterling has been one of the more well positioned footballers in that he has had outdoor space to work regularly with a football, but is anticipating a lighter version of pre season will still be required."Because I been in the garden and had the ball at my feet quite a lot and doing a lot of drills I don think it will be as weird as coming from three or four weeks holiday in the summer because literally [then] I don touch a football and shut down," he said.Manchester United news and transfers LIVE Saul Niguez and Jadon Sancho to Man Utd latestManchester United Transfer NewsStay with us for the latest Man Utd transfer rumours, injury latest and breaking news all day long..

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