There are several things you can do to help keep

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'Gary Neville, what he did to Reyes. Mamma mia!': Cesc Fabregas reveals Arsenal's Invincibles were 'angry and upset' after their 49 game unbeaten run was ended by Manchester United at Old Trafford in 2004. And he accuses Wayne Rooney of DIVINGCesc Fabregas is still furious at Arsenal's defeat to Manchester United in 2004Sir Alex Ferguson's side ended the Gunners' Invincbles run with a 2 0 victoryFabregas accused Wayne Rooney of diving to win a penalty for the openerThe Spaniard also recalled how Jose Antonio Reyes was repeatedly hacked down.

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The closer shave you wanted can easily be chosen from the options Extra sensitive, Normal and Intensive. These choices will give you the opportunity to pick the mode that will best fit your shaving needs. The active lift will cut the flat hair lying in the chin, jaw and neck area.

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