For one, there could be no motorized or electronic

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After spending years in radio in Kearney, I thought I would dabble in the world of city government, moving back to Bridgeport in 2008 to be the City Administrator. I couldn kick the radio bug (even though I had taken lots of medications and painful injections!), and was hired in 2011 as the Director of Operations at KNEB. I couldn be happier to be back in the radio business, and absolutely love my job (and the severe weather coverage, too!).

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How many fish can the party guests name? Educational games can morph into fun contests that make learning enjoyable. The word finding game is an educational tool where children find words among many other letters, and they circle the words. If these words all stick to a theme, such as fish, or Finding Nemo, then it will be appropriate for the party.

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St. Louis Blues license plates are personalized plates available ONLY for registered Missouri vehicles with an annual contribution of $35. These plates can include up to six characters in length, which can include a space, hyphen ( ), or apostrophe (').

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