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"I was feeling sorry for the students and wanted to do something special," Koontz said. "I thought that it would be cool if we could put together a virtual performance. I emailed the other members of the band and they all thought it was an awesome idea.

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The slave master analogy reminds us that in reality, no one among us can honestly claim to be his or her own master. Certainly no one among us dies as his or her own master. While in the world, we cheap jerseys are compelled to make some very important decisions as they pertain to servitude.

Jess Guise opened and closed with her set with her and her band's first two singles from this year; February's 'The Fun Part' opened the night and her latest single 'Brother In Arms' closed out her set. The melodic and harmonious 'The Fun Part' showcased the delicacy and tenderness that characterises Jessica's vocal. The size of the venue and the chatter among some of the arriving audience, however, did not necessarily suit Jess Guise.

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