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Nick Baggio said he was inspired to take on the project because "I thought it would be a good challenge for me to recap the school year. "The kids worked so hard on this project, and they did not even have access to the editing program they use at school, so even though I know they will not take credit for the time they spent digging through the footage, I can only imagine the challenge they faced," said Mills. "The footage took some effort, but it was not difficult to choose clips," explained Johnson, "I just took my time, and I went through what I thought CHS students would like to see." As for taking digital media, both Johnson and Baggio said the class is like one big family.

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Is a difficult day for all of us, Williams continued. Have dedicated student athletes, coaches and athletics staff who have embraced being a Zip and make tremendous contributions to campus life in class, in competition and in our greater community. Decision will likely be followed by other schools trying to stay afloat financially during the pandemic..

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