“The mission of the artist is to challenge power

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Survived by daughters Madelyn Reiter and MaryBeth (Steve) Kowarsch; daughter in law, Michele Lendway; step children James and Myra Gilbert, Gloria Gilbert, James and Cheryl Loeffler; 15 grandchildren; 17 great grand children; two great great grandchildren. Due to the restrictions the Mass for Maree will be private but it will be streamed live via Zoom on Thursday, May 21st at 1:30 PM. Public visitation at the Spielman Mortuary, 344 W.

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Cheap Jerseys china Oklahoma ranked seventh in the nation for prescription pain reliever abuse for children between the ages of 12 and 17 in 2013, and hundreds of babies are diagnosed with opioid related neonatal abstinence syndrome each year."The pain, anguish and heartbreak (of) Oklahoma families, businesses, communities and individual Oklahomans is almost impossible to comprehend," Hunter told the court."How did this happened? At the end of the day, your honor, I have a short, one word answer: greed."The attorney general said evidence will show that drug companies "in their zeal to provide a magic drug. Ignored centuries of experienced, well documented scientific histories of deadly addiction epidemics.""Judge, money may not be the root of all evil, but I've learned this. Money can make people and businesses do very bad things."Hunter and his team have focused their efforts on Johnson Johnson, alleging the company acted as a drug "kingpin," created a public nuisance and cost the state billions of dollars, destroying thousands of lives in the process. Johnson Johnson and its subsidiary company, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, have vehemently denied the allegations and said the public nuisance accusation is being misused.Defense lawyer Larry Ottaway, in laying out the case for Johnson Johnson and Janssen, cited John Adams' famous quote "Facts are stubborn things" to criticize allegations made by the state of Oklahoma.Ottaway said that in 2009, when Janssen said opioids were rarely addictive, the Food and Drug Administration also said the drugs "rarely caused addiction." He played a video that encouraged children to avoid taking the prescription drugs of others and concluded, "Jansen is not marketing opioids to kids."After the lunch break, Ottaway said he would not demean or question the pain of addiction, but called serious chronic pain "a soul stealing, life robbing thief.""It leads to depression," he said. "It leads to suicide."One in five American adults Cheap Jerseys free shipping suffer from chronic pain, according to the CDC, which estimates $560 billion in losses to pain each year, Ottaway said."Janssen did not invent this disease," he said, but is trying to treat it.He noted the opioid deaths reflected in the state's chart did not differentiate between those taken as prescribed Cheap Jerseys china.


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