That same season, has 163 rushing yards in playoff

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COLIN KAEPERNICK'S NFL CAREER 2011 Taken as 36th overall draft pick by San Francisco 49ers2011 Makes debut for 49ers, playing three games2012 Becomes starting quarterback midway through season. That same season, has 163 rushing yards in playoff game against Green Bay, an NFL record by a quarterback in postseason. National anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice, the first and most prominent of dozens of NFL players to do so during season2016 Plays 12 games for 49ers2017 Opts out of final year of contract and becomes free agent.

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One weekend in early June, all eyes were on Joey Baseball. That him? a rival player asked his coach. Yes, indeed, it was Joey Erace of southern New Jersey in the flesh, warming up on a field in the town of Sulphur, La., where he had flown to play for the Texas Bombers at a regional tournament..

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