When John asked me to write the book

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This week also marks the release of John Carlos' autobiography, The John Carlos Story, which I co wrote. When John asked me to write the book, I felt compelled to do it because I've long wondered "why?". Not "Why did Smith and Carlos sacrifice fame, fortune and glory in one medal stand moment?" but "Why has that moment has stood the test of time?"..

Prior to the Main Concourse announcement, plans to install the world's first Kinetic 4K center hung scoreboard were unveiled. Arriving in the Fall of 2019, the next generation entertainment system will feature 65% more 4K LED screen real estate when compared to the Wells Fargo Center's current center hung model, and is larger than any arena scoreboard that hosts both NHL and NBA games. The agile Kinetic 4K system also features two massive crown trusses with independent movement and an unprecedented ability to expand and contract its main screens in order to best highlight the action below..

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