If you find that someone that essential, man

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We've never done a PPP loan. Everyone in America is doing it from scratch."There's no telling just how many borrowers got left in a lurch trying to secure PPP loans from non traditional lenders like Ready Capital, PayPal or Intuit QuickBooks. They operate beyond the scope of traditional bank regulators.

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Old Europe was also prone to treating the Polish, Baltic, and Balkan borders as the "last stops" in Europe. Hence, places like Moldova, Ukraine, the Caucasus Republics, Turkey and even Belarus were left in a terrible no man land inappropriately designated as "neighbors of Europe." How did they then differ from Algeria, Libya and Morocco? The "New Europeans" considered this policy to be dangerous and in security matters, ultra dangerous. It left Eurasia with a "field of play" that could eventually be absorbed as a "sphere of influence".


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