Sometimes, you just can bear to be around people

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The third problem productivity was not being achieved by MSMEs as they feared regulatory measures once they outgrew their size, thus they abhorred expansion. The government announced the biggest reforms since 1991 by changing the definition of MSMEs. Coupled with equity infusion of Rs 50,000 crore into viable MSMEs, it will lead to the formation of a manufacturing Delta Force of sorts..

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Isolation is a part of these illnesses. Sometimes, you just can bear to be around people. My ex partner used to sleep in a dark room for an entire weekend because she just couldn handle anyone being around her. 30th July 2013Fact: A selection of Michael Jackson's hit tracks including Thriller and Billie Jean have been transformed into lullabies for babies on a new album. Company Rockabye Baby have also previously reworked classic tunes by artists including U2, The Rolling Stones and Prince for their popular lullaby series. The Lullaby Renditions of Michael Jackson will be released on 13 August (13).

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