She sees the hot cheerleader who dissed Axl and

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Played in this event four times, the University of Manitoba product said. I have some high expectations of myself. Top 25, even top 10, is something I like to shoot for. It just so happened that the flight attendant brought me my meal as I was reading that very paragraph. I looked at the plastic container before me and counted a plastic knife and fork contained in cellophane, a plastic tray with a clear plastic lid. A plastic cup in which to pour my plastic bottle of water, an assortment of fruit and cheese with flatbread crackers wrapped in plastic, and a cookie, natch, wrapped in plastic.

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Across New Jersey, school districts are gearing up for what could be a deep, painful financial blow. The state's public schools are funded with a combination of federal, state and local funding. But the pandemic shutdown has stalled New Jersey's economy, which means the state and local governments aren't pulling in the property taxes and income and sales taxes they were expecting..

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