” In the end, he slayed the competition, nabbing

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But while they have stopped attacks against international troops they have continued targeting Afghan security forces.Negotiations between the two sides have been delayed, with the peace process faltering. This brief reprieve in violence could revive some of the cautious hope Afghans had begun to feel: that an end to the fighting might eventually be possible.What's the bigger picture?Afghans and international observers had hoped for a reduction in violence between the two sides following the signing of a troop withdrawal agreement between the Taliban and the US in February. While the Taliban denied involvement, it prompted President Ghani to order the resumption of offensive operations against them as well as other groups.'They came to kill the mothers'The woman nursing the babies of murdered mothersHe accused the militants of ignoring repeated calls for a reduction in violence.Last month, the Taliban rejected a government call for a ceasefire across Afghanistan for Ramadan.

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