Sun came out right about when I took the mound

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Gen. John W. "Jay" Raymond, the first commander of U. However, the Urwa Hocane and Imran Ashraf starrer Mushk that was also scheduled to launch around the same time, might not air anytime soon since the shoot hasn't wrapped up. Imran, who has also written the script, informed Instep that about two and half episodes are left to shoot and they are hoping to resume soon or else the drama will have to face a long delay. Similarly, a Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussyn drama, which was also in the pipeline to air post Eid is being postponed.

Every scene is packed with witty touches that are both funny and meaningful. And the story's message is powerful without ever being pushy, as everyone discovers that they need to stop forcing James to react in the expected ways. They want him to be the person he should have been all along, but now they need to embrace the person he actually is.


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