In general, you tend to think that people around you

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Justin Morneau also was able to add a few observations on Ford, with whom he first played in the minor leagues at various stops. They were both atClass AAA Rochester in 2003, before making their Twins debuts within 12 days of one another: Ford on May 29 and Morneau on June 10."Believe it or not, what sticks in my mind with Lew is how often he lost a shoe running the bases,'' Morneau said. "Most guys going from first to third, if they were going to lose something, it would be a helmet.

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The case has taken on added importance because the parties have squared off over ballot access across the country. Democrats have accused Republicans of trying to suppress votes from minorities and poorer people who tend to vote for Democrats. Republicans have argued that they are trying to promote ballot integrity and prevent voter fraud.

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