Sanders ended his bid and endorsed Biden on April 13

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It brings back memories of when I first started, or my wife did, to look for credit, we couldn't get any. Reason being we had always paid cash so were rejected as we never had a credit rating. I well remember being boiling mad at this. Sanders ended his bid and endorsed Biden on April 13.The allocation of 24 delegates and two alternates to the Democratic National Convention were up for grabs.Voters were instructed to mark their top three choices on paper ballots.Only candidates receiving at least 15% of the votes cast Cheap Jerseys china in a given congressional district were to be allocated delegates. Votes for candidates who didn't receive at least 15% were redistributed to voters' second ranked choices, starting with the candidate who received the lowest number of votes.The Republican Party of Hawaii canceled its presidential caucus after President Donald Trump was the only candidate to declare for the ballot by the Dec. 2 deadline.

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