His future with the only NFL team he has ever played

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Jones: "We only have four corners active right now and I'm the backup nickel cornerback. I'm rotating in at corner, so if Avonte Maddox needs to come out or his shoe comes loose or something, I'm in the slot. Rasul Douglas then needs to play outside at corner.

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They are a missed field goal away from being 1 3. They have had 27 penalties and are on pace for 108. Last season they were the least penalized team in the league.. Kevin Leonard looked as if he finished imparting his views of the game to his football players. The South Eugene defensive coordinator took one step away from the team congregating after a 14 9 win at Willamette High last week. Unfinished, he turned back to offer one more thing: comes the storm! The post game, exclamatory forecast met with cheer from the Axemen players, coaches and the students, parents and fans who have had little to rouse their spirits when it comes to performance on the field.

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