For those not in the know, that’s the show’s way of

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Essentially this year's Moneyball, but set in American football rather than baseball, this fast paced drama is brightly made with an especially strong cast. But only die hard fans will be able to drum up much interest in the plot, which is played as if it's the most important thing on earth. This insular approach is seriously alienating for audience members with even the slightest sense of perspective about life.

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I love to compete, so it wasn a big deal for me. Of the first dozen picks, eight were for that side of the ball, starting with Ohio State edge rusher Nick Bosa, who went to San Francisco as expected. The 49ers have used a first round selection on four defensive linemen in the past five drafts..

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"This is definitely a week you don't have to try at all to get your team up for the game," San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan said. "It'll be the same thing for them. Just the times I've been in this situation in the past, it's extremely fun to coach.

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