That is an intriguing mix of size and athleticism at

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Chinn measured in at 6 foot 3, 221 pounds before posting 4.45 seconds in the 40, 41 inches in the vertical jump and 138 inches in the broad jump. He added 20 reps in the bench press for good measure. That is an intriguing mix of size and athleticism at an important position of need for the Eagles.

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They had also already won other titles during the 1960s and many people assumed that they would just come back and win again. Some people felt like UCLA could not be beaten. While this was said, most people didn understand just how unbeatable UCLA would be for years to come..

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Was a guy that could play all five positions athletically and he could play all five positions mentally, UF offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Kory Allen said. Have a guy like that is invaluable to your offensive line and then obviously an extension of that is to the offense in general. He was everything that you want in a student athlete at the college level..

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