Fittingly, she runs a small private zoo at home

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Had 48 game winners (in the lockout shortened season), and they get rings just like everybody else got. So whatever the format is, we excited to be part of it, hopefully, and we go after it. Added moments later: win it, it gotta be hard. "It's super emotional for both of us," Heather Zimmerman said of the video calls with health care workers, who occasionally use signs to express their thanks while donning masks. "Ryan has actually gotten choked up during most of them.""It's so cool to see the nurses' and the doctors' faces," he said. "They obviously appreciate the meal, but honestly I think they appreciate the support and just talking to someone on the outside more.

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She made some pretty big money mistakes compounded by the life circumstances that happened around 2008 2009 with the housing crash. The school that she was working for as a preschool teacher went out of business and she kind of lost everything. She hit rock bottom and then decided, you know what, this isn't going to define me.

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