” Jamie Foxx on the frustrations of living with his

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3 Aretsky Patroon If classic decor fused with an American vibe floats your boat, than this lounge (which features its own photo collection and a highly lauded rooftop terrace area), won disappoint. Subtly mentioned by tycoons and tourists alike (in hordes of favorable reviews), this hangout threads a category of its own somewhere between polished urbanite oasis and the upscale rooftop bar (Image:Aretsky Patroon Townhouse) you bring your date to impress. No doubt, Aretsky is one of midtown best elevated bar spaces, with warm, teak clad panels underscoring the wine and desserts, all hand picked by a top sommelier and wait staff, in an environment that is notably on the ears (meaning you can actually have a conversation at sane decibel levels), and is truly beautiful for both pop ins and special occasions.

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