He from Lethbridge and I from Medicine Hat

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Talk of babies brings me to the downside of this stolen time. My son opted to shelter in place in Chicago as the girlfriend, the foster dog and any hope of salvaging a semblance of festivity as his college career draws to a close are all resident there. I, too, was supposed to be there this weekend, celebrating his 22nd birthday, cooking some meals, pulling out my credit card for others at restaurants he can't afford on his student budget.

Known Makin since cheap nfl jerseys we were kids, Aasman added. Played (hockey) growing up together. He from Lethbridge and I from Medicine Hat. Kirk Maggio has been his son's No. 1 fan and tutor until he left for Wake Forest. Dom Maggio has also gotten advice from former NFL punter Sean Landeta, who played 22 years before retiring in 2006.

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