The concern would be after the players had played

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And by the way, if you find knitting and crochet challenging, you might want to make hats on a knitting loom. Most of these looms look like big plastic circles with pegs on them. They come with instructions, and you can do a very nice basic hat on one in a couple of hours.

Today we can push our remote control buttons to television sets, cars, and even push a button on an iron and the cord will go in a compact section in the iron. If we look at the old cartoon of the Jetsons we will see the similarities in the technology that was shown to us for the future, and what we have today. And the evidence will be clear that technology is taking control.

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Turner, 35, is a slated to hit free agency after the 2020 season if there is one. The chances of Major League Baseball holding a season have seemingly grown in recent weeks, but starting and completing a season still isn't guaranteed. So Turner doesn't know if he will ever play in a Dodger uniform again.

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A free swinger, Odor was swinging at every pitcher's first pitch. MLB pitchers are not dumb, and every player is scouted by the opposition's advanced scouts. So pitchers knew to just throw a pitch outside the strike zone to Odor on the first pitch, he was going to be swinging at it no matter what.

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