Prevention of concussions may heavily rely on

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Sure, it may just be a simple C and an H, but this logo has been involved in far too many historic NHL moments to be ignored. The Canadiens first wore a logo featuring the wide C on their chests in 1913, four years before the establishment of the NHL. At the time, the C had an A inside that stood for "athletic." The Canadiens swapped the A for an H (representing "hockey," not "Habs," a common misconception) in 1917, and several tweaks to the logo followed over the rest of the 20th century.

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Paget points out one major difference. Pembina quarterback (CEO Bob Michaleski) announced his retirement on September 4, 2013, we have no doubt he meant it. Are you listening, Brett Favre?7. Things went pretty smoothly on the flight to Minnesota and over the course of the week, I ate way too much food and watched a lot of football. Bank Stadium during their stay. The first part was a lot of fun, while watching the latter on television was a discouraging experience.

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