Finger/wrist stretch: Bend your fingers forward

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Seems like last week thrilling Packers Cowboys/Steelers Chiefs doubleheader sucked all the drama out of this year postseason: each of the remaining eight playoff games were decided by at least two touchdowns. Stories about ratings declines and a boring playoff have shrouded this NFL season; at least Super Bowl LI has the potential to spice things up. In a (hopefully) scandal free affair, the ageless Brady goes for a fifth Super Bowl win, which will be a record for a starting quarterback, while simultaneously avenging this season 4 game suspension for the entirely overblown Deflategate controversy.

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Sheldon (1 0) will face its second straight 2012 6A playoff quarterfinalist in as many games when it welcomes Central Catholic (1 0). The Rams defeated Grant 55 14 last week. The Irish have defeated Central Catholic in their last two meetings, 33 26 last year in non league game and 18 9 in the 2011 state semifinals.

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