With Magento 2, the developer can also drag and drop

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concessionary travel banned on north east buses and metro before 9

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Columns: The new structure of the option comes with a drop down and lets the admin or the developer check and use exactly the columns needed for the project. The options in this section are even much more than what Magento 1 has. With Magento 2, the developer can also drag and drop the selected columns and rearrange them in any order as per the requirement and priority..

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US President Donald Trump has once again hit out at several NFL players, after anthem protests were once again prominent during the first round of preseason fixtures on Thursday.Writing on Twitter, Trump said that players a fortune doing what they love and that players who choose the national anthem as a mechanism to protest should be suspended without pay. Most of that money goes to the players anyway. Find another way to protest.

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