There is also a sense of collective memory

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Tearing through her presorted papers. Papers and coupons flew everywhere and you would have thought the 7th seal was opened to usher in the apocalypse. Swear words that didn't exist were used fluently. Maybe you could understand that you haven't realized how valuable for you is your relationship, maybe you are irritated and you don't see anymore than your angriness, and maybe this phrase could help you, hopefully, to foresee how would you feel if you'd loose the person you are angry with and don't try to fix this situation before it's too late. Maybe you could understand from it that we do not know how valuable is for us a relationship until it was lost, and then we could start to fix our problem, or at least try to find some help before losing irremediably that person. Maybe it could help you to fix the trouble and avoid the pain before it happens to you.

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