It was a surreal night for me as the emcee

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"The University of Montevallo is such a special place and I deeply honored to be named Dean of the College of Education," said Bentley upon accepting the position. "I believe that the College is uniquely positioned to strengthen Alabama communities by providing transformative health, human science, and educator preparation programs. I see tremendous opportunities to both build new and grow existing partnerships and initiatives that will positively impact our region.

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In true Willie K fashion, he defied the ravages of the disease and the therapies, continuing a grueling performance schedule and giving his all to his fans worldwide. In January 2019, when he collapsed onstage during his Blues Fest at the MACC, many thought they were witnessing his last show. It was a surreal night for me as the emcee, trying to keep the crowd and myself calm while Willie was whisked away to the emergency room.

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