It was another country, we did things differently

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Women are collectively called 1. Aka, (this word is derived from the verb gaka to build. 2. "They can't afford it." He said the district bought 10,000 hotspots to help students without internet access get online, but the hotspots are far slower than a hard wired internet connection. Hinojosa said he and the state's Republican appointed education commissioner sent the Federal Communications Commission a letter last week asking the agency to soften rules for an agency program that subsidizes broadband access for schools and libraries. Hinojosa said internet access should be considered as essential as water and gas service, particularly during a pandemic that is expected to keep many children home well into next year.Dallas's plan for next year includes potential "four day rolling shutdowns" whenever a student or teacher in a given school reports a COVID 19 infection so that school officials can test, trace and deep clean, Hinojosa said.Many of Dallas's public school students are in households well below the poverty line, and in many cases they are also not fluent in English.

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