That night I turned on the game ten minutes after it

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Nineteen years later, Judge himself wrote about the incident for a Baltimore based publication called Splice Today. "I experienced Carr's rage once. It was in 1998, when he was the editor of Washington City Paper and I was a freelancer," wrote Judge.

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It almost trade deadline day in the NHL, which means fans around the league are holding their breath, waiting to see what their favorite team is going to do. Will they stock up for a playoff run? Will they stand pat, confident in their current team? Will they trade pieces off and and try and re build for the future? (Calgary Flames excluded. I am pretty sure the NHL has a rule against them rebuilding, it can be the only logical reason for their decisions.).

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Resources: The internal requirements to set values and print assessment notices requires resources beyond that of solely the Assessor's Office. In particular, Information Technology (IT) is heavily involved in the process. At this time, City IT staff is regularly working incredible amounts of overtime just to sustain current practices and ensure that essential services are functioning properly.

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