Think the important thing to think about that is

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This will be Carolina's first visit to Kansas City since the 2012 season. Following the Bye Week, Kansas City resumes play with two road contests. On Nov. Going to open our country again. We have a big decision to make at a certain time. I said it from the beginning: The cure can be worse than the problem itself.

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"We're getting all our pieces back," Walker said. "A lot of guys are injured. We're still waiting on 'D. 14th March 2013Quote: "I haven't had the conversation, I have no idea what's going on in my family. I'm the last to know. I'm too busy dancing and having the time of my life, so we'll see." Country star Wynonna Judd, a contestant on the new season of Dancing With The Stars, is clueless about whether or not her actress sister Ashley is considering running for political office in the near future.

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