The president stunned many doctors earlier this week

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Need answers VA has given hydroxychloroquine to 1,300 vets with COVID 19 amid troubling studiesDemocrats are raising concerns over theDepartment of Veterans Affairs usinghydroxychloroquine to treat veterans diagnosed with COVID 19, a path of treatment that has been shown to increase mortality in some patients. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Samuel Gruss The US Navy Blue Angels conducted a flyover of the ships of the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group in the Atlantic on Wednesday.

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The new study findings cannot necessarily be extrapolated to people with mild illness at home or those, like Trump, who are taking the antimalarials as a prophylactic. The president stunned many doctors earlier this week when he said he was taking a pill day despite FDA warnings that the use of the drug should be limited to those in a hospital setting or in clinical trials. (He has since said he is close to finishing his course of treatment and would stop taking the medication in day or two.

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