“These farmers that sold out today

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Canada Goose Jackets However, we depend on subscription revenue to support our journalism. If you are able, please subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support. But ACT Rural Landholders Association president Tom Allen says far form making windfall gains, the farmers are selling their land too cheap. "These farmers that sold out today, they all got robbed. They got $6000 a hectare," he said, comparing it to what he said was the $40,000 a hectare the ACT paid to the CSIRO for the land that became Crace. Canada Goose Jackets

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canada goose factory sale Jan 31, 2018 04:47 PM IST Godrej Consumer Emami Q3: Rural prospects expected to lead recovery While Emami's result was below expectations, the results of both Emami and Godrej Consumer nonetheless point to a sector wide recovery in terms of volume growth.Nov 15, 2017 01:51 PM IST Prices cuts due to GST rate cuts to be in line with competition: Adi Godrej The company would pass on the benefits of the GST rate cuts to consumers as applicable, although exact quantum is being worked out, said Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Group.Oct 08, 2017 12:39 PM IST GST 100 days: FMCG cos give thumbs up, say demand picking up Most FMCG firms were hit by de stocking by channel partners ahead of the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in July this year due to uncertainties of transition to the new system.Jul 31, 2017 06:40 PM IST Godrej Consumer shares down 2% after June quarter results Shares of FMCG major Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL) today fell by 2 percent after the company reported 8.70 percent decline in consolidated net profit for the quarter to June.Jul 31, 2017 01:27 PM IST Godrej Consumer Products June net profit slumps 8.7% to Rs 225 cr Net sales during the period under review were up 3.42 per cent at Rs 2,266.69 crore as against Rs 2,191.64 crore of the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal, the company said in a BSE filing.Jun 29, 2017 09:20 AM IST Nifty expiry seen above 9,500; 5 stocks which can give up to 14% return Investors should use every bounce to make short position with keeping stop loss placed at 9,580. However, if Nifty closes above 9,630 then we may see Nifty to continue its overall trend which is on the higher side.Aug 28, 2015 06:10 PM IST Still looking for acquisitions in FMCG sector: Adi Godrej In the past, the group's FMCG firm Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL) has acquired many companies and brands mainly in South East Asia, Latin America and Africa.Apr 08, 2013 11:31 PM IST Global political unrest crimps Indian FMCG cos Q4 earnings CNBC TV18's Farah Bookwala reports that upheavals in regions across the globe that account for a large portion of FMCG revenues could hurt fourth quarter performance.Jan 02, 2013 09:16 AM IST Need inorganic road to grow 10 times in 10 yrs: Godrej GCPL chairman Adi Godrej, in an interview, on CNBC TV18, expects the acquisition of Soft Gentleto be accretive in the first year and is optimistic that the UK business will continue to outperform the market.Dec 20, 2012 04:18 PM IST Malaysia export tax unlikely to hit raw material cost: GCPL In an interview to CNBC TV18, A. Mahendran, MD, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd explained what will be the advantages to Godrej consumers and such soap makers due to export tax cut on palm oil by Malaysia canada goose factory sale.


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