(About 15% 20% will require advanced medical care)

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Flyers Click for Playlist Jan. 31 vs. Blue Jackets Click for Playlist Feb. The festival got into full swing with a Stones esque swagger on Friday afternoon when The Struts took to the Main Stage. Their enthusiasm signalled a continuation of their set from the previous year's festival, indeed they are an ideal opening act when you want to energise a crowd. Their appearance at Download the following day, will no doubt have had a similar effect.

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So how would a Stoic deal with the current outbreak of Coronavirus? First, he or she would do everything possible to learn the "reality" of the situation. For example, understanding that while the Coronavirus is highly contagious, 75% 80% of patients will have mild illness and recover. (About 15% 20% will require advanced medical care).1 And, yes the (roughly) 2 3% mortality rate is very sobering and unsettling.

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