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During the tour, which he led, he looked quite proud. He took us to rarely seen recesses of the White House. "I want you to know very few outsiders get to see this," he said, waving his arms in the direction of cabinets, dishes and heaps of elegant table linen..

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Krperspannung und Kraft hat man nicht man muss sie trainieren. Durch schwere, unbequeme bungen, bei der dein Wille deinem Krper zeigen kann, wohin er sich entwickeln soll. Kontinuierliches Verbessern in kleinen Schritten und deine Mutter erkennt dich in 5 Jahren nicht wieder.

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The truth is all of those ideas that come to you pushing you into areas you haven't even explored yet are for one very simple reason. Something in you, or in the universe wants you to expand. It is pushing you to become a bigger and more powerful you.

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