During an interview hours earlier

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Comic Ian Stuart has taken this time in isolation to work on his web series about the world of medical marijuana. It called Strainger, referring to the various strains of marijuana, and can be found on his YouTube channel. Stuart says he writes 20 to 25 jokes for each episode, and picks the best 10 to 15, so it helps him stay in joke writing practice.

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Darius Bailey is a very efficient Quarterback he is successful because he doesnt hand the opposing team the keys to beating him. Bailey is highly successful going vertical on deep passes either from the pocket or on the run, while showing the ability to consistently hit receivers dead in stride on those attempts. Overall, Bailey has a level of refinement as a passer that is not entirely common for pocket passer quarterbacks going to the high school level, meaning that he will enter a high school program more advanced than many passers his age.

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