It’s amazing when you look at Warner who played for

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BRYANT: Yeah. It's amazing when you look at Warner who played for the New York Giants and he got booed off the stage and he was on a Hall of he was working on a forklift before making this Hall of Fame run of his when he went to the Rams. And then as high as he went, he crashed pretty much as quickly, and then he rose again with the Cardinals..

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After being thoroughly trounced by the Titans last Sunday, the Jets were looking to pull back above.500 when they travelled to Atlanta last night. The team defense got off on the right foot, stopping the Falcons opening drive at midfield and giving New York offence prime field position as Antonio Allen blocked Atlanta punt. Geno Smith brought the Jets close to the end zone and, though he could not get them all the way there, Nick Folk kicked a chip shot to put them up 3 0..

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