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However crushing Sunday night's Game 1 loss may feel this morning, it was Game 1. In the first round. Here are five points in the Grizzlies' favor:. "It's hard for fans and everyone sitting right there, and teammates especially, a guy they battle with every day. It's their friend on and off the court," Suns interim coach Jay Triano said. "I used the timeout to let us say a quick prayer and get us refocused again to keep playing..

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Jernigan's return doesn't preclude the Eagles from addressing the defensive line in the draft this weekend. Defensive tackle and edge rusher have been popular picks in mock drafts for the Birds, and Jernigan's presence could give the Eagles more flexibility to draft a player like defensive tackle Jeffery Simmons, who likely won't play in 2019 after tearing his ACL during training, at No. 25..

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Military culture. Unlike Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger's Afghan war doc, Restrepo, Bar Lev's film feigns no pretense of "neutrality." War is hell, the former documentary relentlessly (if unhelpfully) reminds us. But The Tillman Story goes deeper, exposing a system of arrogance and duplicity that no WikiLeak could ever fully capture..

wholesale jerseys In one step toward normalcy, though, both of the Bluff City's biggest indie bookstores have, with a set of well thought out guidelines, opened their doors to customers this week. Burke's Book Store and Novel are allowing in store shopping (and continuing curbside pickup for those who prefer it) with adherence to guidelines posted on their respective social media pages. Burke's even shared this thoughtful, rhyming image to help customers remember the rules wholesale jerseys.


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