“The goal is to protect the patient that comes to

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In the first prosecution on charges of genocide against the Yazidis last month, a German court brought an Iraqi national to trial for enslaving a Yazidi woman and her 5 year old, who was chained and left to die of thirst. Investigative team said it has collected evidence from Iraq, including 2 million call records, that can strengthen cases of prosecution for crimes against the Yazidis. Team and is pursuing more evidence from Syria, where IS made its last stand..

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On May 5, the 400 bed multi specialty Peerless Hospital in south Kolkata shut down operations after a number of doctors, nurses, staff members and attendants contracted Covid 19 while treating patients. In April, Chernock Hospital in the eastern fringes of Kolkata had to be shut down for the same reason. Both hospitals employ migrant nurses..

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