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Afghans organized forums where women challenged presidential hopefuls on economic, political and social issues, and the country's burgeoning media outlets promoted an almost non stop run of televised candidate debates. At the grassroots level, activists organized poetry competitions that drew on treasured Afghan traditions, and ran a radio show to raise awareness about rule of law. There was even a rap video contest to devise an election anthem, and graffiti promoting a peaceful election, to engage the youth who are so important to the process and to Afghanistan's future.

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Because of the COVID 19 virus, the primary election has been postponed until June 2, and the General Election is on Nov. 3. Most of us understand the importance of voting and, this primary, we can vote by mail. See if this sounds familiar. A successful team opens a brand new downtown ballpark to replace their sterile dome. The face of their franchise was soon to be a free agent and they knew they would need to dig deep and offer a record setting deal to keep him.

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