Thanks to instant replay, the Ray Finkle in excuse

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We just talking about the 3 4 vs. The 4 3, my preference would be a 3 4. Again, what I think I can bring to a defence is my versatility in (pass) rushing, in dropping (into pass coverage). Pats TE Rob Gronkowski was called for holding on the play, so the TD was negated. No big deal, right? The Patriots were still in FG range and Stephen Gostkowski (remember him? He was the sad fellow from earlier) had been hitting field goals all day. Thanks to instant replay, the Ray Finkle in excuse won fly here.

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Miami Dolphins: In his five years with the Patriots before signing a two year, $12 million contract with the Dolphins, wide receiver Danny Amendola certainly learned a thing of two from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. One of them must have been to stay tight lipped about the opponent. With the Dolphins headed to Foxborough, Mass., to play the Patriots on Sunday, Amendola did his best Belichick impression when answering questions about the game.

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