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Harvard also points out that Asian Americans now account for about 23 percent of all admitted students at the university. And in a statement yesterday, the university said it is deeply disappointed that the Justice Department has taken the side of Students for Fair Admissions. And at the same time, we should point out, this brief surprised absolutely no one in higher education because the Trump administration has already repealed the Obama era guidelines on the consideration of race in admissions..

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4. My sense is the big spending stopped with those guys. The Browns aren't saying anything about expectations for this year. Klausutis death, according to the medical examiner, was the of an acute subdural hematoma which occurred as a result of a closed head trauma sustained in a simple fall. Theautopsy reportconcluded that the fall happened because Klausutis had sudden cardiac arrhythmia from her undiagnosed floppy mitral valve disease. Have laid the blame for allowing this beyond the pale behavior on Twitter and Jack Dorsey, its CEO and founder, but this is misguided.

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